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Kelsey Maynor


What’s Up, I'm Kelsey Maynor, a hospitality consultant, soci-political influencer, public speaker and author of Help! I’m Talking to Myself, an introductory mental health journal full of inspiring, empowering and motivational concepts that I had to write down for fear that I would forget them myself. 

As a public speaker, I've engaged over 250,000 people, educating groups across multiple disciplines, including Fortune 1000 & 500 companies, university administration, organizations and other educational institutes.

 I have been working in the hospitality industry for 8+ years, and in that time, I have helped open one hotel, designed and opened two night clubs, managed 3 restaurants, and was appointed to operations manager for a company that at the time owned six venues. I am currently a partner in The Good Food & Co. restaurant group where we have one restaurant under our belt, the Atlanta Breakfast Club.