I've been public speaking for 4 years, educating collegiate groups on the hospitality and entertainment industry. I work with university administration, organizations and other educational institutes, inspiring and hyping up students to pursue their biggest and wildest dreams.

My speaking topics include "I Don't Know," lessons on speaking up and getting answers; "Are You Afraid to Be First," how to be innovative, intentional and execute ideas; & "Let's Plant a Tree," three ways to create, keep and increase your success.


Allow my platform to draw you in with creative visual story telling that is powered by captivating brand strategies that will have guests motivated, and more importantly, supporting your brand. My platform is known for attracting diverse consumers, but the experience is what resonates. 

I have an uncanny ability to reach people, establishing long-lasting connections from top law firms and city halls to local businesses and organizations.

I will provide you with invaluable tools, insight and resources to achieve personal and organizational goals, using the highly effective speak, own and live strategy. 

I will show you why THEIR success is YOUR success - through a series of powerful team building strategies. 

My branding packages included Creative Social Media Promotion, Curated Influencer Partnerships, Strategic Brand Placement, City Sponsored Collaboration, and Media Publication Placement.