I am human. I am a believer in life, hope, and the beauty of the natural. I am amazing. I am blessed. I am powerful. I am a force to be reckoned with. I am a gift from God. I am a follower of the Most High. I am a Leader amongst Men. I am a creation of life, and a creator of life. I am an instrument used to share positivity, love, happiness, and peace.

I am DOPE!

I am obedient. I am rebellious. I am a Voice worth hearing. I am a body for which you can lean on. I am a helping hand to lift you off the ground. I am a lighthouse to shine light on things that you may not see. I am a beautiful mind to bring knowledge to things which you may not understand.

I am Dope! Did I say that already? I meant it!

I am a beautiful masterpiece, designed, molded, carved, chiseled, sifted, and cleaned up for others to see, marvel and emulate. I am a confident communicator. I am a confident lover. I am an eager beaver. I am a go getter. I am a tenacious individual, ready and willing to go the extra mile for others.

Because I pay it forward.

I am Forward thinking. I am humble. I am respectful of my past, my elders, and those who came before me. I am thoughtful of the future. I am passionate about Nouns, the people, places and things around me.

But most of all...

I am ME!

I am secure. I am a work in progress. I am a structure whose foundation is solid. I am rooted in my culture. I am diverse. I am wealthy. I am rich. I am strong and I am ALIVE!

Today, I need you to say these words. I need you to believe these words. I need you to live these words.