This is going to be a powerful week!
Why?? Because I said so. Start speaking it.
You ever speak something into existence?
Of course you have.
You told yourself there were no good men or no good women in your city! And guess what, you haven't found a good one yet.
You said you hated your job and it was a waste of your God given abilities. Guess what, Yep you're still wasting your talent.
You watched the News last night and said, Man... Minorities can't win. And oddly enough you are absolutely right.
So since you are batting 1000, why not swing for the fence.
Declare that today, tomorrow, this week, this month is and will be Powerful, it will be amazing, it will be life changing, it will be the Best of many more!
This is your chance to use your power to speak the best into your life.
If you woke up this morning, God has given you the breath to breathe life into something and someone.
Stopping biting your tongue and holding your breath. Let out the song of praise that's cooped inside of you. I need to hear it, the person at the desk next to you may need to hear it. The old woman in the grocery store line in front of you may need to hear it. Your best friend may have woken up Low, but if you are where I am, I'm looking at a the clouds!! I'm just saying, your excitement, your joy and your love is contagious and someone may need to catch the hype that you have! Give it up, because you will wake up one day in the Low; cold, alone, and you would want, no NEED someone to bring that fire into your life and warm that spirit.