You have to take flight
This is not a unique story; matter fact, it is probably a tad cliche, yet it is still necessary.
The baby eagle soon became confined by the nest from which he was birthed. The curiosity of what lies beyond created an in itch in this eagle. Despite the guarantee of shelter, food, and safety, looking over the edge of the cliff appeared better.
But Why?
Perched up above the tree tops, along the mountain side were the nests of several eagles. This baby eagle watched as others took flight and soared everyday. It bothered him to feel stuck, so he wiggled his way out of the nest and to the edge.
Looking down, he let's go! Expecting to soar like the eagles he watched.
The baby eagle plummets. Struggling to catch wind beneath his wings, the eagle frantically tries everything possible to fly. As he descends down the mountain towards the trees, he sees things he never imagined.
At last, the eagle flapped his wings, and soared with a gust so mighty. His heart racing with adrenaline, the eagle fights to get back to the heights above the trees.
The eagle witnessed something spectacular, something he believes allowed the older eagles to soar with such strength and grace; the reason eagles soar higher than other birds.
While falling, the eagle realized just how high, just how much effort, fight, and tenacity it took to be on the mountain top. Now flying above the trees, the eagle felt the reward of self accomplishment, determination, and truly falling with faith.
Perspective is the substance from which greatness grows.
The importance of the faithfall is the power to catch air and ascend when everything seems to be against you. You have nothing but the fight in you to get back up to the top, ON YOUR OWN.

Trust in Yourself