About Kelsey Maynor


I am a public speaker and Social Influencer, who travels the Nation speaking to people, corporate, collegiate, and small business sharing the success principles I learned through the hospitality industry. My formula is simple, Speak it, Own it, Live it.

For the last 8 years, I has played a role in many redevelopments in the Atlanta area, particularly in the hospitality industry. I have collaborated with companies like Ford, Lincoln, Upscale Magazine, Creative Loafing, and the 100 Black Men to develop and curate events geared towards bringing Atlanta back to Life. 

I received B.A. in Sociology and African American Studies from Georgia State University, and began laying the groundwork for my commission to be a change agent. Upon the completion of my degree , I helped open and run several restaurants, lounges, clubs and even a hotel. The most recent being The Atlanta Breakfast Club, a restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

Currently, I am completing an MBA program geared towards Small Business Development and Business Innovation. 

"Everyday I focus on my goals, think outside of the box, love others and what I do, and most importantly, I take action. So this is me taking action."


My action-oriented delivery has ignited the minds of children and the hearts of CEOs to move. Many influencers have adopted this ethereal notion of simply promoting positivity. The hope is that by being the change they want to see in the world they may eventually spark the brain that could change it. I, however, take every opportunity to lead others to actually implement change.  For me, experience has been the best teacher. The reason I share my story is to foster inspiration, education, and action showing the ordinary man that he too is capable of extraordinary things.