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What’s Up, I'm Kelsey Maynor, a hospitality consultant, soci-political influencer, public speaker and author of Help! I’m Talking to Myself, an introductory mental health journal full of inspiring, empowering and motivational concepts that I had to write down for fear that I would forget them myself. 

As a public speaker, I've engaged over 250,000 people, educating groups across multiple disciplines, including Fortune 1000 & 500 companies, university administration, organizations and other educational institutes, inspiring people to pursue their biggest and wildest dreams by building Self!

I have spent years speaking to corporate groups, organizations and college students, sharing my success story in the hospitality and mental health space. I have been working in the hospitality industry for 8+ years, and in that time, I have helped open one hotel, designed and opened two night clubs, managed 3 restaurants, and was appointed to operations manager for a company that at the time owned six venues. I am currently a partner in The Good Food & Co. restaurant group where we have one restaurant under our belt, the Atlanta Breakfast Club.

It's not what you did, but HOW you did it, that is most intriguing.

- @What'sUpKels

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FreeHand ATL

Free Hand is a creative writing group of like-minded writers needing support for their work, through writing peer critiques, workshops & classes, and just encouragement. There are many different types of writing circles or writing groups, but nothing quite like this.

Free hand is the double entendre.

The meaning of free hand is the doing of something manually, without aid, but also, it is the idea of having a free hand to help one another creatively express thought and idea through written language.